Teachers, We See You

Group Of Elementary School Pupils Giving Female Teacher Thank You Gift Of Flowers
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. And it’s May. Probably the hardest time of the year for teachers, for many reasons. It’s the time of the year when we say goodbye to our current students (hopefully, not forever). It’s the time of the year when we are helping our students transition to the next phase of their learning. It’s the time of year when we are working double time to finish assessments, finish paperwork, and most of all, love our students every minute of every day. Teachers, we see you. And we appreciate you!
  • For the joy you bring to learning. You know how to let children choose what and how they learn. You provide experiences that pique children’s interest, and make learning fun. Smiles and laughter is what it’s all about! Teachers know how to make learning joyful. Teachers, we see you.
  • For the time you’ve spent learning about the development of our children. You know how to observe, assess, and create experiences that make learning fun and interesting – all at appropriate levels for each stage of development. Teachers are experts at knowing what children need. Teachers, we see you.
  • For providing opportunities to play. Many think that children aren’t learning when they play. Not only are they learning how their bodies work while playing outside, they are learning about their environment, they are learning cooperation and social skills, and develop a sense of self during play. Teachers know the importance of play. Teachers, we see you.
  • For the effort you put into building relationships. Your example shines when it comes to how we treat one another, and how to support our growth as humans. You help us to navigate conflict, problem-solve, and communicate with each other, parents, and teachers. Teachers know that relationships are the basis of a happy life. Teachers, we see you.
  • For helping us to see that our differences are special. The environment you create for us helps us to see and celebrate our differences. You are responsive to every child’s needs, and embrace each of us. Most of all, teachers love us all for who we are. Teachers, we see you.
  • For supporting families in the development of our children. You provide resources for us within our community, resources for helping us understand our children’s development, and let us know when our children are thriving. Teachers know that it takes a village to raise a child. Teachers, we see you.
  • For assisting us in self regulation. We all have emotions (even adults!). Knowing how to handle emotions and be able to communicate how we feel are lifelong skills. You model how to handle strong feelings, and help us learn how to mange them appropriately. Teachers help us with lifelong skills. Teachers, we see you.
  • For boosting our self-esteem. You know how to support us when we struggle, and to celebrate our small accomplishments. Allowing us to have small successes builds our confidence, and helps us to believe we are capable and to be confident in trying new skills. Teachers provide a foundation for a lifetime of confidence. Teachers, we see you.
  • For encouraging our imaginations. To a teacher, there is nothing more amazing than a child’s ability to imagine the wildest story possible. You cheer us on every day and support us in our wildest dreams. Teachers open us to a whole world of possibilities. Teachers, we see you.
  • For inspiring us with art and music. We love playing instruments, singing, and dancing. We love to draw, paint, color, and imagine a monkey riding a tiger across a rainbow. And that’s exactly what it takes for children to learn. They learn about their bodies, their senses, and their preferences. Not to mention talents and strengths. Don’t forget joy! Teachers inspire a love of the arts. Teachers, we see you.

And we appreciate you!

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