CQI Reimagined – Part I

teacher and interracial preschoolers at table with paints and papers in classroom

This is Part I of a two-part series called CQI Reimagined.  The focus for this post is to begin to understand Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) related to Early Learning and Care.  What are the benefits and challenges, and what systems are in place to support the process.  

What is CQI? 

CQI is a management process, begun in the business world, to encourage participants to question the results of specific practices, and to use data to transform those practices to be more productive or successful. Translated to the Early Childhood Education industry, it is a cyclical process used to guide educators in providing the best learning environment for children.

Child Trends shows that program leaders create a pathway to high-quality by fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement (CQI). CQI is a “process which ensures that organizations and their partners are systemic and intentional about improving services and practices, and increasing positive outcomes for children and families.” There are four ingredients to CQI: Create a shared vision for quality, build your staff’s skills, determine what else needs to be done, and celebrate your successes.  

Talk to an Expert

Muriel Wong has been working in early care and education for over 35 years. Her experiences as a preschool teacher and director has contributed to her skills as a trainer and consultant and author of WELS (Web-Based Early Learning System).  She was director of the Miami-Dade College North Campus Lab School for 24 (1975-1999) years and instrumental in working with other leaders in the Miami-Dade community in developing resources and professional development opportunities to support for programs serving young children and families throughout the country in partnership with Head Start, Miami-Dade Prek and Exceptional Student Divisions and faith-based early childhood organizations. 

An expert in her field, and an innovator in CQI, please welcome Muriel Wong in the interview below as we discuss the benefits and challenges of using the CQI process in Early Learning and Care, and how we can support teachers and providers using the process: 

Please post any questions or comments in the space provided below, and keep your eyes out for Part II: CQI Reimagined, where we discuss reimagining the CQI process so that ALL children receive equitable learning experiences and care, AND how the reimagined process can support the educators who work with the children.

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